Family Risk Assessment Program (Genetics)

The Family Risk Assessment Program (FRAP) is designed to assist individuals with a personal or family history of cancer to understand how hereditary factors may contribute to cancer risk and how that risk can be reduced and/or managed. The main goals of a cancer genetic risk assessment are to collect and evaluate personal, medical, and family health information, to identify those high-risk individuals who may benefit from either genetic testing, cancer risk reduction interventions, or early detection strategies, and to improve the quantity and quality of life. The information gained from a FRAP evaluation may be meaningful to both the individual as well as their family members.

The FRAP team includes one licensed genetic counselor and an advanced practice nurse (APN). Genetic counseling provides an opportunity to receive information about hereditary cancer syndromes, to evaluate a detailed family history, to discuss genetic testing options, and to learn about participation in optional research studies related to cancer genetics. All patients will also meet with the APN in order to discuss health behaviors, lifestyle choices, and the impact of risk factors. Upon the conclusion of the FRAP evaluation, patients will be given a description of appropriate cancer screening tests and personalized cancer screening and risk management recommendations to share with their health care provider(s).

To speak with any member of the FRAP team, please call (908) 788-2535.