The internet is full of information.  The challenge is finding information that is accurate and reliable.  The team members of the Family Risk Assessment Program encourage you to seek information from trusted sites that provide evidence-based data to answer some of your questions about cancer, genetics, and cancer risk management.  Please find listed below several highly respected websites that we encourage you to access.

National Cancer Institute
Information, including fact sheets, about a variety of specific types of cancer, cancer treatments, risk factors, screening, prevention, etc.  Information also available in Spanish.

American Cancer
Information about a variety of specific types of cancer and cancer-related topics.  Information also available in Spanish.

National Comprehensive Cancer
Patient and caregiver resources of the NCCN, an alliance of leading cancer centers.

Genetics Home Reference
Provides basic information about a variety of genetic  conditions.

National Society of Genetic
Provides assistance for finding a genetic counselor in your location and other information about the profession of genetic counseling.

Genetic Discrimination Fact
Provides information about the Genetic Information Non-Discrimination Act (GINA).  Information also available in Spanish.